Month: April 2023

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Foto by Markus Winkler @ Unsplash

How to use ChatGPT for Content Creation?

Is ChatGPT really the solution to all problems? Does ChatGPT have the right answer for everything? In my experience definitely NO. But ChatGPT is very helpful and saves a lot of time. I use it for content creation. The structure and the red thread took a lot of time. Also getting my know-how to the…
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Key Benefits of Digitization along the Customer Journey

Key Benefits of Digitization along the Customer Journey

My conviction and focus in Marketing lie in Digitization along the Customer Journey. Digital Marketing makes it possible to respond much better to Customer Preferences at all stages and thus create a high level of ADDED VALUE for the Customer. It’s a mystery to me why some companies still don’t take advantage of these enormous…
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Agile Methodologies - Advantages

How do I get motivated Teams and good Results?

In my digital transformation projects in marketing, it is important that everyone drives the project with heart and mind. I activate this motivation and passion in my teams with agile working methodologies. Agile methodologies offer several advantages in project management. Some of the key advantages are: 1. Flexibility: Agile methodologies allow for flexibility in project…
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Project failure - Reasons

Why some Project fail – what can be the Reasons?

In my career in Digital Marketing, not all projects always run smoothly and achieve the desired result. My recipe is to quickly identify the reasons when things don’t run smoothly and act as quickly as possible. To quickly identify potential stumbling blocks, I work with agile methodologies and transparent processes. Digital Transformation projects are uncharted…
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