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Clients Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of working with Christine on a change project. The aim was to drive forward the digital transformation in marketing. I am very happy with the advice and the outcome. Her approach to digital marketing is customer-centric and ensures that every strategy and decision is tailored to the preferences of the target audience. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for an experienced digital marketing manager.”
Dr. Viktoria Leonhard, Allianz AG

“We had the pleasure of being assisted by Christine and it was truly a delightful surprise. She acted as a bridge between different worlds and provided us with incredible insights on how to rediscover ourselves in our job. Thanks to her guidance, we were able to infuse our company with its essence and soul. We highly recommend her services to budding businesses seeking a fresh and highly useful perspective on their marketing strategies.”
Marten & Bram, RioLeon Tours

“Christine is characterized by proactive action, comprehensive flexibility, high willingness to learn, as well as very good communication skills. Her above-average commitment was accompanied by a results-oriented way of working. She has a very good and well-founded technical knowledge, which she always uses in a goal-oriented manner.”
Bettina Cöppicus, Optares ICM GmbH

“Due to her precise analytical ability and her quick comprehension, she is always able to immediately grasp even difficult situations accurately and to quickly achieve good results.”
Christian Wagner, Linde AG

„She was always very enthusiastic and has the experience to perform a broad range of office tasks. Christine is the person who works independently when required and is a good team worker when required. A respected member of the team who will be missed around the office by everyone“.
Jonathan Savage, Linde AG

“Ms. Pfisterer led her teams in a goal-oriented, very structured, methodically and with great commitment.”
Dr. Waldemar Müller, Polytech GmbH

“Working with Christine has greatly boosted our sales and our outreach. She’s not only very professional and organized but also a great human being in general and it has been a joy working with her. We highly recommended her services, it was super worth it for us!”
Charlotte, Unitiy Consicious Coliving

“I can recommend Ms. Pfisterer without reservation. She was extremely professional and structured in helping me to get my company further on track. Empathy and clear analytical skills are not mutually exclusive with her. With enthusiasm and wholehearted commitment, she analyzed my challenges and gave me clear guidelines on how to proceed in order to optimize my sales. Many thanks for that!”
Melanie Richter, Coach

“She has a very good understanding of customer needs and delivers on time, professtionally and with high quality. Thank you very much for the good cooperation!”
Sandra Veloso, NCTE AG