About me

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Christine Pfisterer Marketing

Why I am your best choice

I am Marketing Manager by passion. My heart beats for Digital Marketing, which is reflected in my motto:

My Motto

customer first. digital. sustainable.

Customer first: I focus all activities and processes to the customer preferences.

Digital: using Marketing and AI software enables transparency of customer data, automating processes, services and activities according to customer preferences.

Sustainable: All processes and activities are aligned according to customer preferences, which guarantees sustainable success. With Change Management, I bring all stakeholders on board.

Result: better Customer Experience & more Profit

My Vision

My vision is to be a customer-focused leader in the Digital Marketing industry, leveraging the latest technologies while being committed to sustainability. By focusing on the needs of my clients, taking advantage of the opportunities of digital innovation, and using sustainable practices, I intend to deliver exceptional results that drive growth and have a positive impact on businesses and the environment.

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My Management Style

As a passionate sailor I would like to give you an example of my leadership style.

I lead teams like a skipper leads a sailboat. First, the goal and the route are set and agreed with the crew. Then the tasks are distributed according to the skills. We reach the stations together. I observe the crew during the maneuvers, give tips for best practice and optimization of processes. If the maneuver fails, the boat will not capsize. I intervene, we analyze the mistake and repeat the maneuver. This may take time, but the important thing is to keep the goal in mind while doing so, to ensure the boat is functioning properly, and to have a crew that is fun and committed.

My leadership style is collaborative, motivational and analytical.

Read more about my working methods and experience in my blog.

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• 10+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing
• always focused on the customer – cross-functional and systematic
• 10+ years working in a digital world and an intercultural environment
• Change Management competence with a guarantee for sustainable success
• University degree in BA, focus on sales & marketing
• Agile Coach certification
• continuous education

Benefit from the combination of my professions, the resulting professional experience and my affinity for numbers, data and facts. I combine my analytical skills with a lot of empathy and the ability to shape change in a digital environment.

I have been a payroll and financial accountant, F/O Manager and executive assistant in various companies. Because of my understanding of business and financial data, I was always closely involved in planning. In doing so, I was able to learn different styles and different digital tools. I always took advantage of opportunities for continuing education. I was always at the forefront of implementing digital tools due to my professional experience.

• University degree in BA, focus on sales & marketing.
• Apprenticeship as an office administrator, IHK
• Apprenticeship in hotel management, IHK
• Certified Online Marketing Manager, Academy of German Media
• Certified Data Manager, Academy of German Media
• Certified Agile Coach

German – mother tongue
English – fluent
Spanish – conversational