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Digital Marketing

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Raise your marketing to the next level of success.

As an expert in digital marketing, I optimize the customer experience in your company. I support your team in all aspects of your marketing. As a marketing manager with extensive digital expertise, we optimize the customer experience at all touchpoints. We focus all activities on the preferences of your customers. As a result, you create more customer satisfaction and loyalty, which ultimately translates into increased sales and profits.

As a marketing manager with 10+ years of experience in international marketing in small, medium and enterprise companies, I ensure a smooth flow in your marketing.

Digital Marketing

My expertise includes:

Content Marketing (CMS)
Content Marketing Systems support you in reaching your customers in the best possible way. Whether in campaign planning or marketing activities. Use your budget as profitably as possible. I support you in the optimal use of the CMS to reach your potential customers at the right place and in the optimal way.

• Campaign management (analysis, strategy, planning)
• Create advertising activities according to corporate design (posts, online, event invitations, newsletters etc.)
• Set-up a marketing funnel to optimize lead generation
• Continuous optimization of lead generation
• Centralized control of advertising measures
• Success and cost control of advertising activities
• Optimizing the website and web shop according to customer preferences
• etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Customer contact can be improved in sales, too. With the use of CRM software, you offer customer-specific processes that enable an optimal customer approach. Implement a Sales-Funnel in your CRM and make your actions in Sales even more successful. I would be happy to support you in the implementation of the sales funnel in the CRM and thus enable you to

• an optimal approach of leads / prospects
• the optimal support of customers along the sales phases
• control of sales campaigns with more effectiveness
• better service to existing customers
• optimal and personalized e-mail marketing for existing customers (loyalty)
• add possibilities of sales automation
• etc.

Marketing planning
With a better planning you will achieve better results. That’s why marketing planning is such important. I will gladly support you in your marketing planning with numbers, data and facts and according to customer preferences

• for the development of the optimal strategy
• campaign planning
• budget planning
• cost and success control
• etc.


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