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Costa Rica Beach

Navigating Service Business in Costa Rica y Panama

-> Key Differneces and Opportunities Expanding or relocating your service business internationally to Costa Rica or Panama can be a strategic move to access new markets, diversify revenue streams and mitigate risk. However, if you are considering Costa Rica or Panama, there are some important points to keep in mind. The clocks tick a little…
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Thanks to Lala Azizli for her photo @ Unsplash

Agile Working Methods: Making Work More Effective and Easier

Agile working methods help teams to be adaptable and flexible in a dynamic working environment. Almost all areas of work in the company are now dynamic and require flexibility. This is precisely the reason why successful companies rely on agile methods. What does this mean in practice? And what does this mean for your company?…
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My Market Experience at the „Feria“ in David, Panama

When I was in David, Panama, in mid-March, an international market “Feria de David 2024” was taking place at the same time. I love markets, which is why I took the opportunity. During this visit, I was able to gain many impressions that I will incorporate into my work as a marketer.

Decoding Truth - Agile Coaching

Decoding Truth: Understanding the different Layers and Influences

In a world where truth seems to be increasingly subjective, understanding the factors that shape our perception of reality is of key importance. Despite our best efforts to find out what is true, we are often faced with conflicting information and perspectives. Why is it that what seems true to one person is not true…
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Agile Methodologies Digital Transformation

Embracing Agility: Why Flexibility is King in Digital Transformation Projects

In the fast-high-speed world of digital & online, digital transformation mutating to a MUST. In digital transformation, one principal reigns supreme: flexibility. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and consumer behavior, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently is not just advantageous – it’s essential for survival.