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Digital Transformation

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As a project and change manager, I focus all activities on the preferences of your customers. As a result, you create more customer satisfaction and loyalty, which ultimately translates into increased sales and profits.

Digital Transformation

My experience includes

Based on the customer preferences of the marketing analyses, I work with your team to develop the ideal digital solution along the customer journey. Together we take a close look at every customer touchpoint and

• find the optimal software
• optimize each process and
• automate the processes as far as possible.

With knowledge of the data, I make sure you make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for your customers,

• to get interested in your products,
• to buy them from you – and
• recommend you as a supplier to other possible customers.

We digitize the customer journey – and do so at all touchpoints where it makes sense.
The digitized customer journey also makes it possible to automate analyses. The focus in marketing is on monitoring KPIs and customer feedback. KPIs are defined for all digitized activities and measures and make them continuously monitored. In this way, any deviation can be quickly detected, which makes prompt optimization possible.

Software-based solutions enable an always up-to-date, fact-based and fully comprehensive analysis of customer preferences, which enables accurate planning. The analyses from customer data enable you to

• increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
• a product development preferred by the customers
• a price structure accepted by the customers
• an increase in sales and margins
• an up-to-date success control (KPI’s, reporting, budget, etc.)
• always optimal digital processes.

At the same time you reduce your cost structure by

• more planning reliability and ideal production capacity utilization
• fewer customer complaints and returns
• customized and targeted advertising activities
• automated process flows
• reduction of data volume
• compliance with data protection regulations and optimal data security.

The always up-to-date success and cost control enables

• immediate recognition of irregularities
• and prompt optimization activities.

Even in stormy times, activities can be taken immediately that are optimally tailored to customer preferences.


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