Case Study: Digital Product Launch and Digital Transformation in Sales & Marketing

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Case Study: Digital Product Launch and Digital Transformation in Sales & Marketing

Status Quo:
At that time, the Sales and Marketing team was already working with CRM and Marketing Automation software, but not cross-functionally and only for individual activities.

My Role: Project Owner

Time: 12 months

I guarantee 100% discretion to my clients. Because of this, I can not give any information about my client. That is why this case study is written anonymously.

My Tasks:

• Plan and support the launch
• Transform the team cross-functionally to Digital Marketing
• Exploit the possibilities of Digital Marketing, such as
    o automate customer-focused processes (easier & faster)
    o store customer data centrally
    o make tracked customer data visible
    o optimize communication between Sales & Marketing
    o reduce costs in Sales & Marketing


Preparing Workshops with the Sales & Marketing teams to develop the
– common vision & strategy
– Project milestones and rough tasks
– Project teams for the project elements

Tasks resulted from the Planning:
• Compile Persona Profiles for all Sales & Marketing activities
• Create a specification for the software
• Optimize Website and Webshop
• Improve SEO
• Implement Content Marketing
• Improve and force Social Media Marketing
• Improve Email Marketing
• Improve KPIs for Marketing Activities

Project Elements and Tasks:
1. Website Optimization:
o We optimized the company website with an appealing design, intuitive navigation, and optimized product pages.
o We improved site speed and ensured mobile responsiveness for a seamless user experience.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
o A keyword specialist agency has researched the most successful keywords to improve the organic search rankings.
o We optimized on-page elements, meta tags, and created high-quality, keyword-rich content to attract more organic traffic.

3. Content Marketing:
o We developed a blog and started publishing regular, informative, and engaging content related to the product, industry, and trends.
o We published blog posts on social media platforms, attracting a wider audience and establishing the company as an expert.

4. Social Media Marketing:
o We created social media profiles on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
o We crafted visually appealing posts, shared user-generated content, and collaborated with influencers to increase brand visibility and engagement.
o Paid posts only delivered to the target group according to the Persona Profile.

5. Email Marketing:
o We implemented an email marketing strategy, offering exclusive discounts, new product announcements, and personalized recommendations to the subscribers.
o They utilized segmentation and automation to deliver targeted and relevant content to different customer segments.
o For the personalization we implemented a Marketing AI software.

6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC):
o We ran targeted PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media channels to drive traffic to the website.
o We optimized the ad copy, targeted relevant keywords, and monitored campaign performance to maximize the return on ad spend.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):
o We implemented CRO techniques such as A/B testing, heat mapping, and user feedback analysis to optimize the website’s conversion funnel.
o We made iterative improvements based on data-driven insights, resulting in increased conversion rates and improved user experience.

8. Change Management
o Train the project teams in agile ways of working.
o Transitioning the Sales & Marketing teams to agile ways of working.
o Support in dissolving hurdles and old structures.
o Monitoring the progress of the project.
o Intervene in case of delays.
o Face to face meetings to resolve blockades.
o Training of sales & marketing staff on the new software.

Financial Success:
• My Client experienced a significant increase (+80%) in online sales, surpassing their targets within 12month months.
• The website traffic grew by 50%, with a substantial increase in organic search traffic.
• Social media engagement and following increased by 70%, leading to improved brand awareness.
• Email marketing campaigns generated a high click-through rate and boosted customer loyalty.
• PPC campaigns resulted in a positive return on ad spend, contributing to increased sales and brand exposure.

People Success:
– The teams work fully digitally and in agile structures to always be close to the customer.
– Motivation has increased significantly, and the frustration factor has decreased considerably.
– The Metrics and KPIs of the sales and marketing activities have improved substantially.
– At the same time, costs have decreased.

Foto by Miguel Bruna @ Unsplash Thanks to Miguel

My Success

For me, the greatest success has been the work with the teams, their progress and the enormous commitment to Digital Transformation.

Seeing how the teams’ actions hit the customer’s nerve was really satisfying for me.

The tremendous feedback in the workshops and learnings meetings was overwhelming, with the teams pushing each other and excelling.

Thank you for the great assignment, the fantastic teams and this outstanding experience.