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Offer: Customized Marketing Solution for Expats

Adapt your services and communication to the changing conditions and maximize your success. Relocating to Costa Rica requires more than just moving your belongings, finding a new home, etc. You will soon realize that working in Costa Rica presents unknown challenges. However, working from Costa Rica can mean working in paradise.

But first you have to overcome the challenges

Relocating to Costa Rica will significantly change the framework conditions for your services. Time differences, power outages and tax regulations and many more challenges can have a major impact on your everyday life and business processes. Your existing customer communication and range of services also need to be adapted to these new circumstances in order to remain effective and successful.

How this could look like

Positioning & Analysis

Analyse your market conditions & customer needs and develop a positioning strategy


Adjust your communication with your customers and web presence accordingly to your strategy

Content Creation

Create a content plan for your online presence and customer communication 

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My all-in-one solution for your success

As an experienced and passionate marketing manager and agile coach, I offer you an all-in-one solution that is individually tailored to your needs.

Positioning: analysis and individual strategy development
Website: adaptation or redesign of your website
Online Presence: update and optimization of your social-media and Google My Business accounts
Communication: development of a communication strategy and a vision & strategy statement
Content Planning: development of a tailored content-plan

My goal is to make you able to work successfully in paradise. Marketing has been my passion for more than 10 years. Whether in small or large companies, in local and global projects, I have experienced most of the challenges of expats in Costa Rica myself. 

My offer for you

Schedule a cost-free consultation with me and discover the best strategies for your success in Costa Rica. In this call, we will analyze your specific needs and develop initial approaches to adapt your services and communication.

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